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God is there

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God is there

There is Allah, one, and no match.
Just as a building would not be without a contractor, without a master, without a journeyman, and without a construction worker, just like this, there is one who invented and created the universe.
In order to build a building, the architect first draws the project from the foundation to the roof. In this project, installations such as electricity, water, natural gas and ventilation, where and how they will be installed, how and where to place lighting, heating and cooling systems, how much load each column and beam will carry, how the quality of concrete will be, completes the project by calculating the thickness. When the building was built and finished, can we say that this building came into being by itself? No. We say that this architect drew the architect project and made engineers, craftsmen and workers. If this calculation is incorrect, that building is either destroyed or damaged.
If you see a wonderfully drawn picture, don't you think that question? Kim I wonder who is the painter of this painting. ”The painter signs his name in a corner of his painting or writes his name. You know who drew it. So you see that there is a picture, so there is a painter who drew that picture.
According to scientists; The universe occurred as a result of the big explosion, while a small point. It is reported that the universe is still widening since the explosion.
Let us take the issue from our world, which looks like a tiny point in the universe. The world on which we live has existed in full order with its seas, lakes, mountains, land fragments, air, water and atmosphere, in accordance with the lives of humans, animals and plants. Can anyone object to this situation? Of course not. Moreover, it is formed to meet the needs of every living thing.
If one looks at the nature around him by turning his eyes, he says; Alı It must be the one who makes this complete, perfect, ornate, perfect world. Moreover, according to my needs under the ground, the earth, every being above the earth (trees, birds, water, clouds, etc.), 7-storey atmosphere, night light moon, day light sun (also warms me) how they came into being, who created?
A sane person must draw this conclusion. The painter of every painting, the master of every building, the ornament of every ornament, the programmer of each program, the author of each book is proof that there is one, so that there is a whole universe. Who? God!

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