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       Human beings and other living beings have been created from the moment they were born as a candidate to die. They feel it every moment and every time they live.

Mind is the most important blessing given to humans and animals. As such, the most important feature that distinguishes man from other living things is the addition of the idea to his mind. The animal is clever, but he doesn't know good and evil, good and ugly, not exceeding the limits, and not worrying about sustenance and future. E.g; the cow, who does not understand that it will be slaughtered soon, continues to graze. However, he has just been cut before his fellow eyes, he does not know or understand that it is his turn, that he will die soon.


       This is not the case for human beings. He gets up in the morning, thinks about what he will eat for lunch while having breakfast. He thinks and plans how much this month's spending will be, the success of his children at school, and his work waiting for him at work. It is possible to extend these examples.

      Life begins with infancy, childhood, youth and old periods, in stages, each stage separately in troubles, diseases, difficulties and ends in trouble, each stage is actually dying. After old age, there is no other stage for this world, the last stage.

     Before the old man dies, 3 people die: infancy, childhood and youth.

Tags: old man before dying, articles, before dying, old man

Tags: old man before dying, articles, before dying, old man


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